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2016 Justin Clayton
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2010 Jason Plaisted
2010 Marc Yates
2007 Eric Cady
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2010 Paul Moon (Mike Dauenhauer)
2010 Brian Mroz (Mike Dauenhauer)
2010 Mike Schultz (Mike Dauenhauer)
2010 Dave Szprygada (Mike Dauenhauer)
2009 Darrin Bartolotta
2009 Joe Hamilton
2009 Dave Laney
2009 Jim Ornt
2009 Jason Roberts
2009 Bryan Rowlands
2009 John Salek-Raham
2008 Kevin McCain
2008 Jason Wawro
2007 Dave Arnold
2007 Dave Cherry
2007 Mike Cauley
2007 Angel Cordova
2007 Jarod Koopman
2007 Lou Ludwig
2007 Nick Sanzotta
2007 Tanya Taylor
2007 Kevin Wu
2007 Colin Zablocki
2006 Patrick Gaffney
2006 Emil Markulis
2006 Seth Shamp
2005 Jason Plaisted
2004 Alex Blank
2003 Eric Cady
2003 Rod Easterly
2002 Jason Beam
2002 Akira Bryson
2002 Paul Ferranti
2002 Reed Hepparly
2002 Josh Ketry

Kyle Saunders Grappling Competition Record 


Year Event Division Result
2013 US Grappling Submission Only Greensboro, NC 30+ advanced 149-162 no-gi Gold Medal
    30+ advanced absolute no-gi Gold Medal
    30+ black-belt absolute gi Silver Medal

US Grappling Submission Only V, Webster, NY

men's advanced 150-159.9 no-gi Gold Medal
    30+ advanced absolute no-gi Gold Medal
2009 NAGA Battle At The Beach 10, Wildwood, NJ master's advanced 155-175 no-gi

Gold medal

    master's advanced 155-175 gi Gold medal
2004 Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational, Ontario, Canada 8-man invitational bracket (-210) no-gi lost 1st round
2003 Joslin's Canadian Open Grappling Championships, Ontario, Canada men's advanced welter-weight (-163) gi Gold Medal

Grapplers Quest Shootout, Bayonne, NJ

men's advanced middle-weight (-180) no-gi 4th place

Canadian Jiu-jitsu Association Open Nationals, Ontario, Canada

men's advanced middle-weight (-179) gi Bronze Medal
2000 Upstate Grappling Challenge, Rochester, NY 4-man invitational bracket (-180) no-gi lost 1st round
2000 IBJJF Pan Championships, Orlando, FL adult purple-belt middle-weight (-174) lost 3rd round quarter-finals
2000 World Kobudo Submission Grappling Tournament, Ontario, Canada men's advanced (-185) Bronze Medal
1999 Texas BJJ Open, Dallas, TX men's advanced (-189) Bronze Medal
1999 Pancrase Submission Grappling Tournament, Dallas, TX men's advanced (-180) Silver Medal
1998 Big D Grappling Tournament, Dallas, TX men's advanced (-174) gi Gold Medal
    men's advanced absolute gi Silver Medal
1997 Legends Grappling Tournament, Dallas, TX men's advanced gi (-174) gi Gold Medal
1997 Big D Grappling Tourament, Dallas, TX men's advanced (-174) gi Gold Medal
1996 IBJJF Pan Championships, Los Angeles, CA adult blue-belt (-174) lost 1st round


Tuition Cost

Group classes are $99 per month.  Private lessons are available for $125/hour.


Method of Payment

You authorize us to charge your credit/debit card at the beginning of every month.  You can cancel the agreement, in writing (email is okay), at anytime with 90 days notice.


Student/Military/Police Discount

We offer a 10% discount to full-time college students, military personnel, and police officers.



For folks visiting, a drop-in single class fee is $25.  This can be paid via credit/debit card or cash.



Kyle Saunders

  • 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Roy Harris
  • Started training Brazilian Jiujitsu in 1995.  Started teaching in 1999.

Detailed Background

Kyle started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Dallas, TX with Carlos Machado in October, 1995. He received his blue belt from him in June, 1996. He received his purple belt from Carlos in August, 1998.

After moving back to Rochester, NY in August, 1999 he started teaching that September.

He started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Roy Harris in June, 2000 and completed Roy's Apprentice Grappling Instructor's certification program in November, 2000.  He received his brown belt from him in June, 2001.  He received his black belt from Roy on June 10, 2006, 2nd degree on August 7, 2010, 3rd degree on April 30, 2016, and 4th degree on November 23rd, 2019.  He trains with Roy as often as time and money permits.

Kyle has also trained in JKD/Kali under Roy Harris. He completed Roy's Candidate Apprentice JKD/Kali Instructor\'s certification course in August, 2002.  He has also trained a little Kalis Illustrisimo under Roy back in 2004, and is thinking about messing with it some more.

He has also trained in a variety of other martial arts, including Karate, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Western Boxing, Pekiti Tersia, and Muay Thai.

His full-time profession is software development, which is something he also enjoys and it enables him to pursue his continued interest in the martial arts.


Go to the Promotions page for a list of people that have been promoted by Kyle.


Kyle has competed many times over the years.  For more details, you can go here: Competition Record.

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  • Gi classes the student wears a Brazilian Jiujitsu uniform (gi) where grabbing the cloth and belt are expected.
  • No-gi classes the student wears a rashguard (or t-shirt) and shorts and grabbing the clothing is not allowed.