Huge congratulations to Justin Clayton and Derek Langston on their recent promotion to black-belt!  They both started training with with me as blue-belts and have been training for about 10 years in total.  Thanks to all that showed up for the test, to help, and cheer on the guys!


So very late on this, but big congrats to Dan Settles on his promotion to brown belt back in spring!

Congrats to Kurt Volkan on his promotion over the summer!  Yeah, this is really late...  He's got a nice game from his guard with good combinations, plus some some interesting side escape/sweeps that work well for him.

Finally!  :)  A hearty congratulations to Mark Tung on his recent promotion to purple belt.  He's been focused and working on his combinations and relaxing and it shows.

Also, a belated congratulations to Nick on his promotion to blue belt.


A rather belated congratulations to Darrin Bartolotta on his promotion to brown belt!  I was up in Rochester to teach a seminar a couple of months ago and Darrin was forced decided to test.  The most grueling hour or so of his life perhaps?  Perhaps, but he did well!