Congrats to Mike Grauer on his recent promotion to purple belt!  Mike has been working on relaxing and putting those combo's together and it shows.


Congratulations to Kristina on her recent promotion to blue belt!  She has been working hard on getting here and it's paid off!  And I was remiss in not pointing out Justin's promotion late last year, so congrats to him as well :)

Congratulations to Sergio Sanchez and Kurt Volkan on their recent promotion to blue belt.  Sergio is tough-as-nails but always ready to share his knowledge with the new students.  Kurt is very technical and working on developing a mean kirmura.

We've moved!  Starting on the Tues Feb 24 Thurs Feb 26 Saturday Feb 28 class will be held at the new location.

Congratulations to Derek Langston on his recent promotion to purple belt!  He has some nice combinations and transitions and a dangerous guard.  His pressure on top is coming along nicely as well.